There are so many exciting things going on in Mae Mae land, that it was worthy of a once-in-a-blue-moon blog post!   

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  1. We have had a BLAST with our giveaways, and we hope y'all have too!  The winner for the "Back to School" giveaway will be announced tonight at 7:30pm...just one hour before our September Sample Sale.  The lucky winner of that giveaway will be able to pick out $25 worth of merchandise on our dime.  Now that's the best Labor Day sale around!  
  2. Speaking of our Sale...tonights is going to be epic.  We will be offering some closeout sale items, some new steal of a deal items, and lots of our normal goodies.  You don't want to miss it.  8:30pm CST  Be there or be square.
  3. MUY IMPORTANTE!!!  After our sale tonight, we will be temporarily postponing sales for a couple months.  I often say "we" when talking about this little business, but the truth of the matter is that it's mostly a one man show.  My mom is fabulous and helps me sew as much as she can, and my husband is eager to help with any technological issues I might have (these darn new fangled computers!) but most of the work is done by myself.  October and November are my busiest months with Holiday Craft Shows, so I'm taking some time off to gear up for that.  We're also taking a little family vacay...which we are SO excited about!  Anyways, I digress, what this means is that TONIGHT is your big chance to stock up for the Holidays.  I may or may not be able to sneak in a little sale before Christmas, but I can't guarantee it.  There will be loads of adorable Christmas goodies available, so take advantage of these great deals while you can!  


So here's your homework...

  • Enter our giveaway here
  • Register with Soldsie here for easy check-out during tonight's sale (all you have to do is comment "sold" to purchase an item...we'll do the rest)
  • Join us for the sale tonight at 8:30pm CST!!!  Since I'm getting so good at those hyperlinks, here is where the fun will be :)  



And just to show you how adorable our dresses look all layered up for winter...I'll leave you with a picture of precious Cami.  See you tonight!!!