Spring Shows

I had such a great time doing the UPPA Spring Market in Dallas.  It was a beautiful day, I got to meet lots of people, and even see some old friends.  

I have one more show this spring that I wanted to share with y'all...because it's going to be awe-some.  I will be participating in the Etsy Dallas show on April 27th.  The thing that makes this show really stand out from the rest is that EVERYTHING has to be hand-made.  No "Made in China's" no "here's a chalkboard that exactly like the one you can get at Hobby Lobby"...you know that what you're buying is unique local.  Isn't that cool?  

See, there's this thing that happens when you set out to hand make everything you sell.  You get really, really particular about the way that it's made.  I will notice a stray thread on one of my dresses from 10 feet away, and can't leave the room until it's clipped properly.  I will be lying in bed at night thinking about how I can make things better, more wearable, easier to launder, more unique, etc.   It's not about "how many of these can I sell", it's about "how does this one item reflect me as an artisan".  Because at this point I'm not in it for volume, I'm in it for quality.  This is a struggle that I face almost daily...how can I produce more without sacrificing one iota of quality?  So far there isn't a satisfying answer.  So instead I'm happy with my products being "sought after" and not readily available.  (Although I am tossing around the idea of starting once a month Facebook Sales...anyone interested?!?!) 

So come to the Etsy Dallas show on Saturday, April 27th.  It's free.  It's fun.  You won't be disappointed.  And you will TOTALLY make the day of the vendor who sells you something.