Last year I had this hairbrained idea...I wanted to make Mae a teepee out of vintage linens for her Christmas present.  But I didn't stop there.  I also wanted to make teepees for her cousins, and took on an additional one as a "commission" for a great friend.  

And so I did it.  I made 4 teepees last year.


So this year rolls around and a friend-of-a-friend asks if I'm going to make any more teepees for Christmas.  SURE!   So I make 5 more, post them on Facebook, and they're sold within a few hours.  Wha-what?!?!

one sold before I even had a chance to photograph it!  oops!  

one sold before I even had a chance to photograph it!  oops!  

And then the requests came rolling in.  The people who really, really wanted one, just weren't quick enough to snag one on line.  Old high school friends with adorable children.  People with sweet stories about imaginary tea parties, first birthday party themes, and (the one that really gets me) snuggling reading books with their kids.  So, I agreed to make a few more.  Like 18.  

Needless to say, my little sewing machine and serger have been busy, busy, busy.  I am also preparing for my last show of the season (December 1st at Jesuit Prep School in Dallas...come see me!) and clothing labels just arrived today for all the fabulous new dresses, cardigans, and onesies that I am yet to photograph.  

I am so blessed with all the opportunities God has given me.  

And no, I am not going to make any more teepees this year ;-)