A personal note...and a HUGE sale

Hello sweet friends, good news to report!

This past summer we welcomed our second baby girl to the family, and life is beautiful.  She's a delightful baby and Mae LOVES being a big sister; however I have found my time is stretched more than ever before.  Bonjour Mae Mae is a one-woman operation...I am the designer, seamstress, accountant, sales team...all of it. I love this business, it's a huge part of me, and now there's a new phase to it.

This season of life, running Bonjour Mae Mae is just too time consuming. So, this sale is my last big hurrah for a while.  I am still passionate about creating high quality children's apparel, accessories, and teepees, but it cannot be at the expense of time with my daughters.  The next several months I will spend reorganizing the business, making it more sustainable and streamlined.  I have LOADS of great ideas for where I want Bonjour Mae Mae to go in the next year, I just need time to get them into motion.  Bonjour Mae Mae is far from over, I'm just putting it on pause so that I can lead it in a direction that works for our family.  

That being said...let's have an awesome sale with a bazillion items, and send this sucker out with a bang.  Sound good?!? 

Here's how it's going to go down...

12 noon CST - Teepees :: There are 4 "boyish" tents and 5 "girly" tents.  Local pickup (North Dallas) is free and encouraged, however if you absolutely fall in love with one of the tents and live outside of driving distance, I can ship it for an additional $60.  The teepees are $150, and because there is such a limited number of tents all invoices will need to be paid within 24 hours.  Sorry to be a stickler, but it's the only fair way to make sure everyone gets a chance to purchase a teepee! 


2pm CST - Christmas Items ::  Holiday themed bow ties, hair bows, dresses and cardigans!  All holiday items are discounted 20% off our normal prices, and will ship immediately!


4pm CST - Hair Accessories Galore ::  There are approximately 45 different styles of flowers available, so these will post as an album instead of each photo individually.  Be sure to click all the way through the album to see each adorable style!  These have already been attached to a clip or headband, so the format will look similar to this: 


As you can see, there are limited quantities of alligator clips, snap clips, and stretchy headbands.  When you go to checkout, you will get to choose the type of backing you would prefer for your flower from the options available for that particular posy.  A word to the wise: since the quantities are so small of each type of clip/headband, don't leave items hanging out in your cart for a long time or they might get snatched up by someone else.  On the other hand, even if an item appears to have already sold, still comment "sold" and you might get lucky :)


4:30pm Bow Ties ::  Lots of awesome fall bow ties, some marked WAY down.  Get familiar with our sizing chart so that you can quickly snag the one that is right for your little man.  

For all items, purchasing is super easy!  Just comment under the photo "sold" and then register with Soldsie here: https://www.soldsie.com/shop/bonjourmaemae

A few insider tips:

  1.  Refresh your screen often so that you don't miss the new items as they post.
  2. Even if an item appears to be sold out, go ahead and comment "sold".  You will not be invoiced unless the person ahead of you cancels their invoice or doesn't pay in time.  Essentially, you're just holding a spot as second in line for an item :)
  3. I will be checking Facebook throughout the day, so if you have a question about a particular item, please feel free to comment under the photo.  I will get back to you as quickly as I possibly can!


I feel SO VERY BLESSED to have gotten share some of the items I've created with so many of y'all.  The photos I receive of your children enjoying my creations are amazing, meeting some of you at craft shows is surreal, and I am everyday thankful that God has given me this opportunity.  From the bottom of my sappy, hormonal, mommy heart...Thank you.

xoxo - Monica


There are so many exciting things going on in Mae Mae land, that it was worthy of a once-in-a-blue-moon blog post!   

photo 1.JPG
  1. We have had a BLAST with our giveaways, and we hope y'all have too!  The winner for the "Back to School" giveaway will be announced tonight at 7:30pm...just one hour before our September Sample Sale.  The lucky winner of that giveaway will be able to pick out $25 worth of merchandise on our dime.  Now that's the best Labor Day sale around!  
  2. Speaking of our Sale...tonights is going to be epic.  We will be offering some closeout sale items, some new steal of a deal items, and lots of our normal goodies.  You don't want to miss it.  8:30pm CST  Be there or be square.
  3. MUY IMPORTANTE!!!  After our sale tonight, we will be temporarily postponing sales for a couple months.  I often say "we" when talking about this little business, but the truth of the matter is that it's mostly a one man show.  My mom is fabulous and helps me sew as much as she can, and my husband is eager to help with any technological issues I might have (these darn new fangled computers!) but most of the work is done by myself.  October and November are my busiest months with Holiday Craft Shows, so I'm taking some time off to gear up for that.  We're also taking a little family vacay...which we are SO excited about!  Anyways, I digress, what this means is that TONIGHT is your big chance to stock up for the Holidays.  I may or may not be able to sneak in a little sale before Christmas, but I can't guarantee it.  There will be loads of adorable Christmas goodies available, so take advantage of these great deals while you can!  


So here's your homework...

  • Enter our giveaway here
  • Register with Soldsie here for easy check-out during tonight's sale (all you have to do is comment "sold" to purchase an item...we'll do the rest)
  • Join us for the sale tonight at 8:30pm CST!!!  Since I'm getting so good at those hyperlinks, here is where the fun will be :)  



And just to show you how adorable our dresses look all layered up for winter...I'll leave you with a picture of precious Cami.  See you tonight!!! 



How to purchase on Facebook

This past week has been SO much fun for me!  I started a little campaign for "14 Days of Giveaways" and I have loved every minute!  I've gotten tons of good feedback, seen what you guys like and don't like, and been able to share Mae Mae goodness with lots of new people.   


Yes, that would be Kate the dog chewing on a rock while Ella, the other dog, has snuck away to dig up another of my plants.  Awesome. 

Yes, that would be Kate the dog chewing on a rock while Ella, the other dog, has snuck away to dig up another of my plants.  Awesome. 

So, since several of y'all are new, I thought I'd take a moment to explain how our Facebook "Sample Sales" go.  

It's really quite simple...

Step 1:  I will post a photo of each individual item.  The photos will start at 8:30pm CST, and will be all posted by around 9:15...so it goes FAST!   

Step 2: If you see a photo of an item you would like to purchase, click on it.  You will then be able to see a description of the item, the price, quantities available, etc.   In the comments section under the photo, write "SOLD" and your email address.  If you have already reigstered with Soldsie (we'll come back to what this means in a minute), you can just type "SOLD" and leave off your email address.  If you want more than one of an item (for example, 2 dresses), comment twice.  Need some examples?  Sure you do. 

  • Not registered with Soldsie: "SOLD, iloveyourface@gmail.com"
  • Registered with Soldsie: "SOLD" 
  • Purchasing an item, like a dress, that comes in different sizes: "SOLD, size 4T" (and insert your email if you're not registered with Soldsie)

You get the idea. 

Step 3:  You will receive a separate invoice from Soldsie for each item that you have purchased.  These invoices can be paid all at once through your PayPal account.  Invoices not paid within 48 hours will be canceled.  

SOOOO...if you see an item that you like, I HIGHLY encourage you to comment even if it appears to be sold out.  If the person ahead of you fails to pay their invoice, that little ditty becomes yours.

Step 4: We receive notice that you're all paid up and we ship your items to you!  All items will be shipped before the week is out!  Viola! 


So what is all this business about Soldsie?  Soldsie is simply a Facebook app that helps us manage our sales.  When you register with Soldsie, you can opt to keep everything private, or post your purchases on your own Facebook wall.  You can choose to receive occasional emails from Soldsie, or you can opt out of that as well.  All of your information is completely secure and private, in fact, you will still pay your invoices through PayPal.  Soldsie just keeps things all neat and tidy on our end.  Which is nice.  But, if you are not comfortable registering with our Soldsie account, you can always type in your email address and we will bill you manually.


The benefit to pre-registering with Soldsie before the sale starts is that you can save valuable time when you go to purchase an item.  Many of our items are one-of-a-kind, so that means the fastest fingers often "win" that item.  If you're already registered, just type in "SOLD" and you're done.  If you would like to go ahead and register, you may do so here: https://shop.soldsie.com/shop/bonjourmaemae


So, there you have it, folks.  Our normal Sample Sales will be on the first Monday of every month at 8:30pm CST...although don't be surprised if we have a few Flash Sales here and there.  We like to spice things up like that.  I am a red head, you know.   



Upcoming Sales

I have some exciting news to share!  Bonjour Mae Mae is going to begin doing once a month Facebook Sales, or little mini trunk shows, if you will.  The sales will be held on the first Monday of every month, beginning at 9am.  I will post photos of a variety of items, along with the price of each item, and the first person to comment "sold" wins!  How fun is that?!?  Ready for the best part?  The first sale is less than a week away!  Yeppers, we will be hosting our first sale at 9am on Monday, June 3rd.  There will be items available for boys and girls.  Think bow ties that coordinate with dresses...headbands and clips...precious little tank tops or cardigans.  Eeek!  I just can't wait!   Set a little alarm, have your iPhone or computer ready, have your cup of coffee in hand, because we all know that every Bonjour Mae Mae goodie is handmade and 100% unique.  That means there won't be multiples available.  It is truly a first-come first-serve event and it's going to be a blast.  

So, my most loyal Mae Mae followers, please do me a favor and "share" my Facebook page with your Facebook friends.  The more "likes" I have, the more variety I'll be able to post during these sales.  I have fun little giveaways, I won't bog down your Facebook feeds, and you'll be the first to know when we have new products and shows.  

Thanks for your help, friends!  See you June 3rd!